Save That Calendar!TM (Flex 3, Java)

by Mohan Embar


Don't throw away that calendar just because the year is over! Do your part to save the trees and the environment. Your 1997 calendar can be reused in 2003. Your 2001 calendar can be reused in 2007.

Lookie Here!

Here is a small Adobe Flex applet which will tell you the next year you can use your calendar. For a given year, it will list all years from 1800 to 2200 whose calendar is the same. Enter the year, then press [Find Matches], then use the arrow keys to scroll up and down.

I had originally put a Java version on this page, but I started playing with Flex just recently and the Java version was a bit old (Java 1.1/AWT), so I thought it was time to replace it with something fresher. Flex looks pretty cool from what I've seen so far.

This is the real, running program, not a screenshot!

You'll need the Adobe Flash Player to see this.

Standalone Application and Source Code

Here are the sources and binaries for the original Java version: